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 Hi, I'm Dave Miller, owner and manager of Miller's Greenhouses. Here is a little history about our greenhouses.  In 1835 my great great grandfather aquired the property on which the greenhouses stand today. He was an entrepreneur who ran a fruit tree nursery and sold apples, pears, peaches, and cherry trees.

   In 1880, Joseph  Randall Miller took over the nursery and began selling ornametals. Joseph Warren Miller took over the business in 1914. He added cold frames for the plants and seedlings and also farmed 65 acres of land. He was able to  make frequent deliveries to Pottstown using his horse and wagon. In 1938, my father joined my Joseph Warren in business and built their first greenhouse together. 

  Throughout my childhood I worked side by side with my father at his business.  In 1973, I took over Easter bulb production at the greenhouses  In 1975, my father and I went into partnership. My father retired in 1977, but he continued to be a presence and a great help at the greenhouse.

   Today, my wife, April, and I continue in the horticultureal industry growing ornamental and seasonal potted plants, as well as vegetables. We sell retail to the general public and also wholesale to local stores. Our clients include individual members of the community, garden centers, landscapers, garden clubs, flowershops, churches, and other greenhouses. We have also supplied non-profit organizations such as fire companies, bands, schools, and PTAs.  

   April and I attended Temple University Ambler Campus for horticulture.  We have been blessed with 30 years of growing and we hope and pray for many more.  

                                                                                                              ~Dave Miller

Millers Greenhouses