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Wow your neighbors with the highest quality plants around!

At Miller's, it is all about quality as it always has been since my Great Grandfather started it all.  Sure, you could find similar flowers at the those big retail stores, but we guarantee that our flowers will last longer and look a whole lot better.  If you are ever unsatisfied with the quality of any of our products just let us know and my wife, April, and I will take care of you!.

​~Dave Miller

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Millers Greenhouses

High Quality Flowers Since 1835

Annual and perennials for all seasons. We specialize on wholesale and retail of high quality plants grown on site.

Our feature plant...

Vinca Rosea 

, Vinca rosea grows 7- to 24-inches-high and wide, forming a mound of colorful flowers in white, pink, or rosy-purple on brittle stems.  Flowering is prolific throughout the warm months, although plants may establish poorly in very hot weather. The plant tolerates heat and flowers in the hottest weather, probably better than most other flowering ground covers. Spaced 12- to 20-inches-apart, plants will form a solid mass of mounded foliage and flowers 6- to 8-weeks after sowing seed, provided they are fertilized, watered lightly (or not at all), and planted in full sun.


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