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Millers Greenhouses
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Looking for a fundraiser?

Plant sales are great fundraisers for any school, church or community group. We different options for each season. Call and talk to Dave for ideas and pricing.

High Quality Flowers Since 1835

Annual and perennials for all seasons. We specialize on wholesale and retail of high quality plants grown on site.

Goodbye summer, hello fall

While fall is more than pumpkin spice everything... lattes, cereal, candles, muffins, soaps, beer, yogurt, facials, goat cheese, etc. At Miller's Greenhouses we have a great selection of fall plants. The most classic fall plant is the mum, Chrysanthemum. They come in a array of colors unique to this season (although there is no pumpkin spice mum!). 

At Miller's, it is all about quality as it always has been since my Great Grandfather started it all.  Sure, you could find similar flowers at the those big retail stores, but we guarantee that our flowers will last longer and look a whole lot better.  If you are ever unsatisfied with the quality of any of our products just let us know and my wife, April, and I will take care of you!.

​~Dave Miller